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About Us

Learn. Grow. Share. Play. Evolve.

Shared Adventure Builds Connection

…and this is how COMMOTION.ONE came to be. Four Seekers (all looking to play a larger game of life) quad-biking around the Greek Islands, having shit loads of fun and sharing game changing ideas on mindset shifts, personal growth, as well as personal disruption practices, and most importantly, diving deep into our spirituality… ideas that elevate our consciousness, increase our contribution to the world and magnify our human potential.

Our good mate Socrates tells us that ‘you cannot live better than seeking to become better,’ and this is what we are all about – constant and never ending improvement. We are all addicted to learning.  We are all addicted to creating.  We are all addicted to giving. COMMOTION.ONE allows us to feed our addictions by sharing with our community the key learnings and life hacks that make us better human beings.  The kind of knowledge we wished was taught at schools.  We are all more extraordinary than we are made to believe.

As you get to know us better, we will open up to you more.  We do warn you though, we are not for everyone.  We refuse to fit into the ordinary world.  If there is one thing that we would like to change about this world, it is to change perspectives.  To continually question existing paradigms and beliefs.  The learnings that we share with you is the most accurate information at this point in time. It could change tomorrow. It could change in the next hour.  We challenge you to read our perspectives and not judge.  We challenge you to be open.  There is no right and wrong.  One of our greatest values is to respect the opinion and the perspectives of others.  We challenge you to keep learning and to not accept the status quo.  We challenge you to implement these learnings into your own life and give us feedback.  And if anything we write, say or do, does not resonate with you, we challenge you to either stop and not read on, or read on and consider the endless possibilities.  

From direct experience and heightened awareness, we understand that what causes sickness is low energy and what causes low energy is poor thinking. Suppression is one of the worse diseases. It comes from fear and judgement and it is therefore not LIVING. Great thoughts create great events.  Good thoughts create good events.  Bad thoughts create bad events. It is our mission to continue to learn and then apply and then learn and then apply. Application then gives more room for learning.  The more we learn the more we can evolve.  The more we can evolve, the more we can contribute.  Together we will continuously move into, and share the next level of enlightenment.


Another Greek mate of ours, Aristotle, tells us that ‘the key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.’  We will share the journey and results of the quantifiable self in areas of health, fitness, biology, entrepreneurship as well as time saving, travel, and technology hacks. The word ‘hackers’ no longer sits in the ambiguous realm of computing and geek communities. So what’s a hack?  A hack is a tip, trick, short cut skill, or innovative method that increases productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in all areas of life. COMMOTION.ONE will also play in the more esoteric realm of spiritual growth, self development, mindset, heartset, parenting, love, sex and intimacy. Hacks that cannot always be measured, but always produce results.

We also love to Biohack. Biohacking is the experimentation of genetically influencing our biology, free from standard norms and limited expectations.  It is the art and the science of changing the environment around us so that our biology will do what we want it to do. It doesn’t matter what we want, the idea is to have control. It’s control, not through willpower, but through conscious shifting of our internal ecology and our external environment.

We will continue to learn and give the best version of ourselves to you.  We know that the affect we have on others is the most valuable currency we have.

But Empowerment can only come through Peacefulness.  Peacefulness is what we strive for – Peacefulness and Joy, not money or success, but Peacefulness and Joy.

We each seek to find the optimum Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset. Inner Peace is the destination.  It is a destination that is not easily attained – least so by those who do not practice it.  It requires practice.  Daily decisive practice.  It is a journey that takes deep introspection and constant self inquiry.  It is a journey where the interface between spirituality and personal development must be explored.  Yet, we believe that there is an important element missing, and that is Personal Disruption – to ‘relinquish’ – to let go. This is not so easy.  Letting go of what?  How strong is it?  How can you overcome its grip?  Inner peace cannot surface until we fight-off the dreaded bad habits and useless rituals and demoralising traditions.  The fight causes a COMMOTION.  When we interrogate our existing paradigms, when we dismantle or obliterate the current culture-scape, we are able to question our internal ecology. Then, when we decide, once and for all, to dump the heavy toxic layers of our original programming and conditioning, we emerge triumphant, free, original, glowing, and ready to make the journey towards love, towards our dreams, while being fit of mind.  Fitness of mind is even more powerful than fitness of body.

Our mentor Jonar Nader puts it beautifully.  “Success is not concerned with what you amass, but what you discard.”

Self-discovery precedes self-mastery.

This is where COMMOTION.ONE comes in.  We want to focus on what we feel people need to do to unchain themselves from their invisible captors.  The things that lock us into a hum-drum existence are too solidly rusted around us.  They are not about to melt away and let us pass.  We have to bust out of that prison.  We must arrest our captors.  And we do this by causing a commotion.  The struggle starts from within us.  The commotion is a personal battle with our own demons. The fight starts inside the ‘one’ — oneself.

We understand that we must continue to ignite a commotion within our internal landscape, before we can design our external architecture. We understand that there is no need to fight or defeat anyone if we are not free ourselves.  Alas, before we can reach ‘A Zen Life’, we must first pluck-up bravery and audacity to sever the cord that attaches us to the status quo.

There will be commotion. It will be hard. We are here to support you.  Come to the starting line.  Declare your battle.  Go fight.  We are right behind you… you are the COMMOTION.ONE , the LOVED.ONE, the HEROIC.ONE, the TRIUMPHANT.ONE, the VICTORIOUS.ONE.

The etymology of the word Commotion is fascinating:
From Middle French: commocion – ‘agitaton.’
From Latin: commotionem ‘to disturb thoroughly.’
From late Middle English: com – ‘altogether’ + motio ‘action or process of shifting, stirring, moving or being moved.’

COMMOTION.ONE speaks about battles, fighting, and then motion — to move, to take action, to bid farewell to the past.  To venture forth.  The journey might require you to engage in slow-motion, flow-motion, de-motion, pro-motion, fast-motion… who knows. We’ll cross, then burn, each bridge together.

We like the prefix COM to mean communicate. COM as in compassion. COM as in community and togetherness.




Paul Shepherd

Paul Shepherd

Digital Entrepreneur

  • Problem Solver
  • Social & Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • Brazilian Dance Enthusiast
  • Badass Manifester
Pauline Nguyen

Pauline Nguyen

Award Winning Author

  • International Speaker
  • Yummy Mummy
  • Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • Full Time Ninja
Kevin Ly

Kevin Ly

Coffee Futurist

  • Printing & Design Innovator
  • Mechanical Engineer Geek
  • Power Lifting Champion
  • Underground Race Car Driver
Alan La

Alan La

#1 Best-Selling Author

  • Inspirational Speaker
  • Martial Arts Hall-of-Famer
  • Peak Performance & Flow Hacker
  • Professional Splits Model

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