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This blog is not for everyone.  If you are the judgemental type, whose chains are tight and heavy, this article is not for you.  If you have an aversion to viewing images of the human anatomy – in particular, tits and arse, keep scrolling, don’t read on.  If you are the open and adventurous type, who is curious about how cutting edge technology can assist us humans to look better and feel better, then this piece of writing is for you.

What is this blog about?
This blog is about a Biohack that I discovered recently – A 6-week body contouring treatment program using advanced technology to tweak the body for more definition and optimal skin tone. The treatments are clinically proven, safe, fast and painless with zero downtime.  IT WORKS!

It is Ultrasonic Slimming using Ultrasound Cavitation and Bipolar Radio Frequency. We’re talking Non Surgical Liposuction without anaesthesia and Non Surgical Facelifts to assist cellulite reduction, fat melting, tightening skin on face, neck and body.  We’re talking butt lifts, smoothing out scars, wrinkles and pigmentation.  We’re talking skin rejuvenation, body contouring and reshaping.

Who could benefit from this technology?
-The mums who want to shift some pregnancy weight off their bellies and cellulite off their thighs.
-The men and women who want to get rid of their tuckshop arms and the love handles that won’t go away with any amount of diet or exercise
– Those who want a quick non intrusive butt lift and sculpt their six-packs.
– Those who want more definition to their abs, biceps and triceps.
– The bodybuilders and sports models who want to lose a few more centimetres off their assets and make them pop before each competition.
– The fit, healthy, sexy and fun loving who want to move those little pockets of localised fat (that never seem to budge) before the start of summer.


I saw changes immediately after the first session and continued improvement over the course of 72 hours following each session.  By the end of the 6-week program, my abs look cut and more defined.  My arms are tighter and my thighs are taught.  My butt looks hot. I feel amazing.  What I loved so much was feeling super energized and focused after each session.  The best part is that I will continue to see transformation in the next 3 months following the 6-week program as my skin and body continues to regenerate and rebuild.

Overall, I lost 3 centimetres off each arm, 3 centimetres off each thigh, 3 centimetres off my butt and 3 centimetres off my hips.


If you want to know in detail the science behind this new treatment and technology, please read on.

SkinFit by Chrissy
I first met Chrissy at Start Up Sundays, a networking event that I host to connect with, and assist Start Ups. Chrissy’s start up caught my attention.  Chrissy comes from a fitness background and has witnessed first hand how frustrating it can be to put hours and hours into the gym and eating clean and doing all the right things and still not getting the results one desires.

Chrissy’s treatments are clinically proven, safe, fast and painless with zero downtime.

What is Ultrasound Cavitation?
Ultrasound Cavitation is a relatively new aesthetic treatment in Australia.  Using leading edge technology, it converts fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own natural filtration system. When the treatment of ultrasound cavitation is followed by lymphatic drainage, the process is faster. Lymphatic drainage is incredibly effective at eliminating liquids.  Generally, one fat cavitation treatment lasts 35 – 40 minutes where a single part of the body is treated.  72 hours must pass between each session so that the body can eliminate the fat.  6 to 10 treatments spaced one week apart will ensure the best results.  Anything less and you won’t see the true potential.

Ultrasound Cavitation – Step one
How does Ultrasound Cavitation work?
Chrissy applies a specially designed hand piece to the skin.  The transducer delivers an ultrasonic beam and provides real time acoustic and optical feedback on treatment.  The ringing in the ears caused by the ultrasound waves is unusual at first, but I got used to it real quick. The hand piece transmits low level ultrasonic waves which consist of compression- expansion impulses that travel in high-speed cycles.  This back and forth cycle causes an infinite quantity of micro-cavities or micro-bubbles that gradually enlarge.  This progressive enlargement finishes as micro-bubbles start to collide and implode, producing shock waves that favour emulsification and elimination of fat tissues.  This phenomena is called ‘Cavitation.’

The ultrasound waves cause mechanical disruption of fat cell membranes, the content primarily made up of triglycerides, is released into the interstitial fluid where they are processed by physiological metabolic pathways.  As the cell membranes are compromised and triglycerides are released, the body begins a gradual process of breaking them down into glycerol pre-fatty acids.  The pre-fatty acids bind to albumin and are slowly transported to the liver for removal or to other tissues and used as building blocks or energy. Glycerol being water soluble, is passed among both interstitial and systemic fluids then processed through the liver or used by other cells.  The liquid is then easily removed from the body through the lymphatic and urinary system getting rid of toxins, increasing energy and promoting better blood flow.

This would explain why I left each session buzzing with energy, feeling focused and productive for hours after every treatment.  The entire process takes less than a week.  6 to 10 treatments spaced one week apart will ensure the best results.  Anything less and you won’t see the true potential.

Ultrasound Cavitation is not a method to lose weight but to reshape the body.  It is particularly indicated for the reduction of adiposity, the famous ‘love handles’ that won’t go away with diet and exercise.  The results are similar to that of liposuction because it removes cellulite and prevents recurrence in the treated areas, without damaging the vascular system.

The important guidelines to follow before and after undergoing ultrasound cavitation are easy and will ensure maximum results.
1. Maintain a clean and healthy diet.
2. Drink at least 1.5 litres of water before and after the session. Drinking plenty of water is necessary to eliminate the fat.
3. Regular exercise such as walking or other aerobic activities to help the system to naturally process the fat after the treatment. Sweat it out.

Bipolar Radiofrequency – Step two
What is Bipolar Radiofrequency – RF?
Bipolar Radiofrequency (RF) energy is an advanced scientific method for non-surgical tightening of the early signs of loose, sagging or aging skin.  RF energy alone is primarily used to treat skin laxity by tightening, and is best suited to those with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, usually those in their mid-thirties to fifties, with any skin colour.  It is commonly used to treat the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, mid-face, jaw line and the neck.  RF can also be used in conjunction with ultrasound cavitation to aid in further fat breakdown and also to tighten the skin in the same area the cavitation treatment has taken place.

How does Bipolar Radiofrequency work – RF?
The hand piece is slowly rotated over the target area transmitting radio waves through the upper layers of the skin to the dermis, heating the dermis to between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius without burning the skin surface.

This process causes tissue retraction where the generated heat causes local contraction of the collagen fibres, to immediately tighten the skin.  By heating the dermis, new collagen production is stimulated.  This tightening effect has a delayed affect and may take from 3-6 months to be visible.  It is like working a muscle, where there is trauma caused to the muscle and it needs time to heal, regenerate and become stronger.  Slight trauma to the skin allows new collagen formation and skin rejuvenation. RF treatment improves circulation improving the blood and lymphatic flow.  This helps with a better oxygen supply and greater toxin clearance to further reduce the effects of aging.

…and have I told you about Chrissy’s Facials?
I have in my lifetime, spent a lot of money and a lot of time on facials.  After each session the therapist will look at me and tell me how amazing I look.  To which I will usually respond; “Really? I think I look the same.”  With Chrissy’s facials however, the results are immediate and the improvements continue to take effect over the course of the week.  What does Chrissy do differently? She uses high tech equipment to infuse her premium quality skin products. Ultrasound vibrations allows the skin product to penetrate deeper and achieve accelerated results.

Radio Frequency energy not only firms the skin, it tightens pores, reduces acne scarring and refines the appearance of fine lines and decreases deeper wrinkles, giving the skin a smoother, healthier appearance with minimal to no downtime.  Chrissy’s RF treatments are an efficient, cost effective anti-aging therapy that can be safely used on any part of the face or body, improving elasticity and tautness.  Ask for her Vitamin C and Hyaluronic masks, they are the best.

I have had such a great time with Chrissy over the course of the 6 weeks.  The journey has been full of education with fascinating results.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to commit to the full 6-week program if you want to see true results.

SkinFit by Chrissy offers tremendous value for money delivering incredible results.

Give her a buzz and let her know that you heard about her from me and she will give you a complimentary facial with the full 6-week program.

I do not receive any financial reward from Chrissy for spruiking her wares.  The simple joy of sharing the love and helping my collective with the beneficial concepts that I am passionate about, belongs purely to me.


Contact Chrissy on 0414 708 121
SkinFit by Chrissy is located at 351 Canterbury Road Canterbury (inside Radiance Cosmetics)