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A Spiritual Inquiry – The Art of Doing Nothing and Being Nothing

How many steps must a shoe take in order to find its sole? A Spiritual Inquiry. The Art of Doing Nothing and Being Nothing. http://commotion.one/2017/03/20/nlp-spiritual-retreat/LEARN. GROW. SHARE. PLAY. EVOLVE.

Posted by Commotion.one on Sunday, 2 April 2017

Pauline:   “This weekend we were at a Spiritual NLP, Spiritual Neuro-Linguistic Programming retreat at this beautiful cathedral behind us. It was held by The Coaching Room by my coaches Joseph Scott.  I also get coached by Jay Hedley.  Wow, we would all agree that it was a mind fuck – but beautiful, beautiful mind fuck.  My three biggest takeaways…I love the metaphor of, ‘how many steps must a shoe take, in order to find its soul?’  It’s already a shoe, it already has a soul.  How many steps must it take?  That beautiful realisation that everything is so beautiful as it is.  Everything we have is already in us now and nothing needs to be fixed.  We’re so obsessed with having to fix things.  Where all we need is already within us now.  To the fall madly in love with, and have a mad affair with whatever is in this present time and what there is to come.  It’s a very empowering position to be in, and really, it’s about gratitude for all that we already have.”

Kevin:   “For my take aways…this is my first time experiencing NLP, so it’s  a totally new experience me.  For myself, the idea of being present is different, being that, instead of focusing on one particular area and using so much energy, why not just strip it back and look at everything as a whole.  That continues on to essentially not only looking at what’s there, but what isn’t there.  And instead of looking at, for example, a tree and focusing on, ‘…wow that’s a beautiful leaf, a beautiful colour green,’ why not not just observe everything as a total. The bark, the deep colours of the brown, the branches and what’s also not there that makes it there.  The gaps between the trees and the open space.  Which leads me onto thinking about who you are, but not just focusing on who you are, but who you are not. Those were my takeaways.”

Pauline:   “…it’s that personal development thing where we always need to feel that we need to become right?  But then there’s the personal disruption part of unbecoming, of not putting on the layers but taking it off and staying in our nakedness.”

Paul:   “Absolutely, my biggest takeaway was just realising that we we don’t need to become anything.  We don’t need to achieve anything because we already are.  We are everything and if we can be comfortable with that and just let go of the ego for a little bit to recognise that then we’re free – we end all suffering for ourselves. So that was one of my key takeaways and obviously there’s a lot of key points here.  Kevin mentioned everything around contrast, or identifying, looking at the tree, but looking at the nothingness that makes the tree stand out, and it’s a bit of a difficult concept initially, but you wouldn’t see the tree if there wasn’t grass behind it or a building behind that…or if everything was the same colour as the tree, then the tree wouldn’t stand out.  So identifying or paying more attention to the nothingness was a good takeaway as well.  I think as Pauline said that the whole, how many steps does the shoe need to take to find itself is quite hilarious, but it’s a really good reminder analogy, and it’s a good point to bring things home again around, you know, we already are.”

Pauline:  “…and who we think we are is also made up of who we’re not because we’re just fucking perfect already.”

Paul:  “So it is very contradictory to traditional personal development which is about goal setting and achievements and all those things but there’s a lot of peace and serenity that comes with this newfound information and definitely something we’ll be continuing on with.”

Pauline:  “Let’s do less!”

Paul:  “Thanks guys bye for now!”