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“Hello everyone! It’s Pauline and Kevin.”

Pauline:  “Hey this is our very first podcast, this is very very cool, we’re sitting at Blackwattle Bay today.  It’s a glorious sunny day, there really isn’t a cloud in the sky, the water’s lapping, the birds are chirping, it’s a beautiful, beautiful day.  And Kevin is really excited to share with us a new learning that he’s had.  So you’ve completed a course with the Tom Chi, Mr Google Glass, how was that?”

Kevin:  “Yes it’s been really interesting, I did through an introduction from our very good friend Paul.  He introduced this course to us and we did it together.”

Pauline:  “Wow, Paul knows everyone right? He’s talking about Mr Paul Shephard, digital innovator, absolute genius when it comes to online marketing, a bit of a playboy as well.  He knows everyone.  So what did you guys have to do with the course?”

Kevin:  “We had to wake up essentially every week at 4am to jump on a live conference due to the time difference with Tom.”

Pauline:  “Wow that’s dedication for you.  So tell us a little bit about Tom Chi.”

Kevin:  “Tom Chi is a brilliant mind – who is the creator of the first Google Glass prototype.  He’s also formerly of Google X which is a separate division of Google.  He works on amazing projects from automatic driving vehicles to the balloons around the world that provide internet – definitely a brilliant, brilliant mind.

Pauline:  “That’s so awesome! So a huge innovator, no wonder you and Paul got up at 4am to listen to his genius.  So I know that you’re eager to share with us your learnings.  What do you have for us today?”

Kevin:  “Alright! I’ve got this really cool exercise that Tom taught us.  I call it playing The ‘A’ Game.  So everyone, get out a piece of paper, and I would like you to draw out three columns.  On the left hand side, I’d like you to list the top ten activities that you’ve been occupying yourself over the past 6 months.  A tip would be looking into your calendar and doing an inventory check of what you’ve been up to.  Now next to each activity, in the second column, I’d like you to list down whether it is a A, B or C activity.  Let me quickly explain what this means. An A activity is one that energises you, that fires you up with passion and it leaves you more energy doing it than when you first started.  Where as a B activity is neutral, you neither gain or lose energy.  An example would be veging out in front of the TV, watching your favourite show.  And finally a C activity, is one that drains you, even after 15 minutes of it, you want to shoot yourself and get out of that spot, then most people end up falling back to a B activity.”

Pauline:  “Alright! So I’ve got out a piece of paper, drawn three columns.  First column, I’ve looked through my diary, I’ve written out the top ten activities that I’ve been preoccupying myself with for the last 6 months, and against each item I’m listing it as an A, B or C activity.  A being the most energising, exciting, inspiring activity.  B being mnehhhh.. whatever, it’s completely neutral, don’t get anything much out of it. And C completely draining, is that right?”

Kevin:  “Correcto!  So let’s move on to the third column.  So this is where it gets really exciting, especially for the game changers listening.  It helps us gauge how our activities are impacting the world.  And so to do this part of the exercise, list from zero to ten, zero being the least, ten being the highest, rate against each activity, how it is of service to others.”

Pauline:  “Wow, this is really exciting.  So not only am I writing down and checking in what my top ten activities were for the last 6 months.  I then also get to see how productive, how energising, how impactful or how draining each of my top ten activities were, and now I get to rate how each activity is in service to others, how it’s helping others.  Is that right?”

Kevin:  “Yeah that’s it!”

Pauline:  “This is really exciting, I can’t wait to get started.  In the mean time, tell us about some of your examples?  What are some of the things you came up with?”

Kevin:  “A particular ‘A’ activity for me is thinking creatively.  I’ve been working on a creative project over the past few months on an artisan coffee project.”

Pauline:  “Hey this is your BBB, your nootropic coffee?”

Kevin:  “Yes this is the one that Tom himself helped me with.”

Pauline:  “Oh I love that, so just to quickly let the listeners know, I’m addicted to your BBB coffee.  Cold drip coffee with MCT oils helps my productivity, helps my focus but you’ve also formulated water that helps to really really bring out the flavours in the coffee extraction, that’s the part I love the most – that it’s so freaking delicious!  So with Tom Chi’s assistance, he helped you create this BBB?”

Kevin:  “Yeah! He helped me bring it to life very quickly which is something I needed a lot of help with.”

Pauline:  “Fantastic, I have to say Kevin that your BBB product is definitely in service to others.  I don’t leave home without chucking a few in my handbag to get me through the day.”

Kevin:  “Thank you so much, it’s definitely something that I’ve created not only to serve others but also to scratch our own itch as well hey?”

Pauline:  “Yup, we got to always always create.  So back to The ‘A’ Game.”

Kevin:  “So let’s check in.  How many A activities, B activities or C activities that you’ve guys have listed down? How much more time are you going to waste spending on B activities?  How much more time are you going to waste doing C activities? When are you going to make the shift? When are you going to change? This is where the game changes, it’s having a list full of A activities, that is in service to others, and the even bigger game changer is having a list full of A activities that is in service to others AND you make a career out of it. And this, my friend, is how you play The ‘A’ Game.

Pauline:  “This has been such a huge awareness piece, this is amazing, thank you so much Kevin.  Thank you for sharing with us The ‘A’ Game, seriously thank you for creating the BBB’s and thank you Mr Tom Chi!”

Kevin:  “Thank you for listening guys, I hope you all enjoyed that and till next time.”