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How do we get more out of life? Whether it be relationships, wealth, health, joy or peace; the areas need not be problematic to want more. What if those areas were already good and you simply wanted even better! There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life. I challenge you to think outside the box and try something different to get the results you want. Use yourself as the living proof of your own tests!

Since I was young, I have been fascinated on how to become ‘superhuman’ – faster, stronger, smarter! My competitive nature and mindset to push myself to the next level with everything that I do, has been because of this fascination. If I became interested in something, I became obsessed with it! I loved sprinting and tennis, so I represented the school at the state competition. I loved martial arts so I took out the ISKA martial arts competition. I needed to become stronger so I took out the powerlifting competition. I loved coffee so I opened up a specialty cafe and the list goes on.

So why do you think this is? There is one answer – RAK – Rapid Applied Knowledge. One of my favourite pastimes is to research, observe and analyse players in the top 5 percent of their game to see how they perform, and I try it for myself. I AM AN APPLICATION FREAK! I read, listen, watch then apply straight away. This helps me get to the next level. If it works then great! If not, then discard and reflect.

This application allows me to dive deeper into my own self inquiry and self- understanding. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I constantly strive for the next level because I value GROWTH! Without it I get bored, without it I am uninspired and without it I will wither away.

I believe everyone has this need within, whether the desire is large or small, it is still a human need. Over the past decade I have focused on:

  • Physical speed through martial arts training
  • Power and strength through power lifting training
  • Flexibility through yoga and martial arts
  • Nutrition application from innovative experts
  • Neuroscience and mind training from top trainers
  • A range of meditation practices
  • Applied innovative engineering development and technology

A large influence came when the four of us, Alan, Paul, Pauline and I, came back from A-Fest in Mykonos earlier this year. We had met many influential individuals there and the event was life changing. The theme was Bio hacking and I met a gentleman by the name of Dave Asprey who has made a lasting impact in my life. He is a true representation of a bio hacker and I encourage you to check out some of his work below.





Stay tuned for my future blog pieces where I will share the ACTUAL results from my own tests. I will aim to keep conjectures to a minimum and write more about actuals and learning. I hope my results will help you Hack it YOURself!